"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"

    Albert Einstein

In-file navigation


First thing first, lets split in-file navigation into 3 main categories: moving - moves the cursor anywhere within visible screen stands still scrolling - screen moves but cursor's position remains the same jumping - move anywhere within the current file/buffer, both cursor position and screen change And here are my main navigation goodies that I use in day-by-day development. [Read More]

Leaving Apple, leaving Google


I've finally broken the corporation cage and I am Apple and Google-free. From MacOS to Linux was an easy jump, bought new laptop, installed Arch Linux and done but phone is a different story and moving from Apple to Google is like going from bad to worst, it does not feel right. [Read More]

3 Days Project

Open source

Introducing 3 Days Project aka 3DP, a new Rails app generator template that adds and configures all the cool libraries/services that are needed to bootstrap new projects in no time. [Read More]
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EC-Schnorr, as the name suggests, is a Schnorr-type digital signature scheme over elliptic curve, it’s ECDSA’s little sister and Schnorr’s big brother with multiple implementations out there: maybe most widely deployed being EdDSA (used in Monero) or the upcoming MuSig implementation in Bitcoin. [Read More]