Ruby library for Deribit API

I just want to introduce the new open-source Ruby library for Deribit API. Here is a short intro, for more information please check the source code repo and documentation. Installation gem install deribit-api Successfully installed deribit-api-0.1.2 1 gem installed Usage require 'deribit-api' client = Get last 3 option trades via HTTP API: trades = client.trades 'options', count: 3 trades.first.instrument BTC-10MAY19-5500-P Stream ongoing trades via Websocket API: [Read More]

Idiomatic Ruby library for BitMEX API

Fully featured, idiomatic Ruby library for BitMEX API. Support for both REST and Websocket APIs as described in API Overview. Installation gem install bitmex-api Usage Listen for live trades in 3 lines of code: # Importing library... 2.5.3 :001 > require 'bitmex-api' => true # Create client... 2.5.3 :002 > client = => #<Bitmex::Client:0x00007fae7a569598 @host="", @api_key=nil, @api_secret=nil> # Spit out live trades as they happen... 2.5.3 :003 > client. [Read More]