About me

The hard way, the easy way

“I work for no one, I trust no one, I am just a soldier of fortune” - Julius Cornelius

An old fashion “Jack of all trades” kind of guy with 15+ years experience in software development, 10+ years in derivatives trading and 5+ years in crypto land.

Coding activity and languages that I “speak”

Sports activity

Coming soon.

Why the blog name?

Why decentralized?

Because this is how the future looks like, the power will be taken from imagined-organizations and put back into the hands of individuals.

Why meta-learning?

There are two problems in the world, not enough information and too much information. The first one was solved…

Why the hard way?

I am a slow-learner who does not understand high level concepts and I like to dig deeper into the unknown to get better touch of low level implementations.

Why the easy way?

Once I understand things “the hard way” then everything else is just common sense.