Why decentralized?

Because this is how the future looks like, the power will be taken from imagined-organizations and put back into the hands of individuals.

Why meta-learning?

There are two problems in the world, not enough information and too much information. The first one was solved…

Bitcoin: transaction

The hard way - Bitcoin: Transaction This is Part 2 of ‘The hard way - Bitcoin’ series and I will start with ‘the easy way’ section first because even this gets a bit complex, then will continue with the hard stuff, crafting a Bitcoin transaction from scratch using basic math and cryptography. A. The easy way Create private key, public key and address We are going to generate private key, public key and Bitcoin testnet address to be used in this article. [Read More]

Bitcoin: private key, public key, address

The hard way series - Bitcoin: private key, public key, address This article is all about two ways of generating a Bitcoin address: the hard way using simple math and the easy way using an existing Bitcoin library. A. The hard way In this section I am going to use simple math functions like addition and multiplication to generate a valid Bitcoin address starting from a number, the private key and calculating everything all the way up to public key and final Bitcoin address. [Read More]

Year 2010 in review (imported from old Blogspot)

Here we go … 2010: Travel: visited 2 countries: UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain), France (Paris) Trading: 22% profit in hedging account eXtreme Sports: snowboarding - training mostly jumps and spinning Workout/Sports: unfortunately not much here :(, shame, shame, shame Professional: worked on my own on tennisaddiction.com, the other projects: zuppler.com and tvguide consulting go pretty well. Family: moved into new house in Sep, all nice and good so far C ya in 2012. [Read More]

Year 2009 in review (imported from old Blogspot)

I am thinking to write down some things I’ve done in 2009, mostly for me as history. I remember I did it last year also but it was an offline doc and I lost it :). Stupid. So, here they are as blog post this time: Travel - visited 2 new countries: Italy (Rome and Venice), Bulgary (Golden Sands) Trading - vanished one trading account (high risk FX investments), got 40% yield on another one (mostly futures and bonds). [Read More]